Monthly Archives: July 2012

Milly’s Top 5: Ways to lose weight (without starving yourself)

1. Cut red meat down to twice a week. Not only does this make a dramatic difference in your calorie intake, it is also beneficial to your health. Unless you have a deficiency, you do not need to eat red meat more than twice a week in order to have enough iron. Meat—particularly red meat—is […]

Milly’s Top 5: Authors every writer should read (as published in Hotch Potch magazine)

1. Stephen King: Though he’s had some flops, Stephen King is one of the best and most read authors of our time, and one every writer should at least dabble into. King is not only a master of horror, but is also famous for his supreme writing style and detailed, enthralling plots. Some of his […]

Milly’s Top 5: Cheap and Unusual Beauty Tips (as published in Hotch Potch magazine)

1. Bi-carb soda. Oh, the wonders! For white teeth and fresh breath, sprinkle some on your toothbrush before or after you apply your toothpaste (many people swear by just using bi-carb, however I’ve been hesitant to try this) and brush as usual. Bi-carb polishes the teeth without harming them. Also, to help with acne and […]