Milly’s Top 5: Cheap and Unusual Beauty Tips (as published in Hotch Potch magazine)

1. Bi-carb soda. Oh, the wonders! For white teeth and fresh breath, sprinkle some on your toothbrush before or after you apply your toothpaste (many people swear by just using bi-carb, however I’ve been hesitant to try this) and brush as usual. Bi-carb polishes the teeth without harming them. Also, to help with acne and some dermatitis/eczema, wet two fingers, dip them in bi-carb, put cleanser on top of this, rub the two together and cleanse as usual. This is the only thing that has helped my skin without irritating it, however, everyone is different, so start with a very small amount if you have sensitive skin and work your way up to an amount that works for you.

2. Before waxing, dab some baby powder on the area. This ensures the hairs are separated from the skin and are thus easier to access; dry skin is always easier to wax than oily.

3. For a DIY hair treatment, beat one egg and stir in half a lemon. Put this in your hair, glad-wrap it and let it set for a half hour. A messy process (I recommend applying it outdoors or adding flour or baby powder as a thickener), but one that works better than many products and treatments for a nourishing or repairing treatment. It is advisable of course to wash your hair twice after this (you don’t want to stink like raw egg until your next wash!). This mix also doubles as a face mask for the same effects.

4. If plucking is painful, use Bonjela! Bonjela is a serum made to put on baby’s gums when they’re teething; it is thus an effective and gentle numbing cream that won’t irritate sensitive skin. Apply this to the area you’re going to pluck before starting so the process is less painful.

5. After finishing your hair and makeup, spray hairspray all over your face as you would to hair, to make your make-up set and last longer. This is especially useful if you’re going to be sweating, or if you have oily skin. On this note, I have been informed by many make-up artists that primer—which is used for the same effect—does not work. Most will recommend this process instead. How ironic for us ladies who have been searching for the perfect primer and spending hundreds of dollars, when all this time the secret was right next to the hair-curler!


One comment

  1. I got my primer for free (my foundation brand were doing a give away thing with the matching primer otherwise I’d never have bought one) and actually, mine works pretty well! It keeps the foundation from rubbing off my nose and from under my lip (problem areas for me) and also when applied it fills in my pores visibly.
    It’s Revlon Photo Ready Air Brush primer for any cool cats keeping up.

    The only thing – the ONLY thing – that keeps my eye make up from smudging everywhere is a spray of hairspray over the top before I leave the house. Otherwise I look like a complete panda courtesy a la liquid eye liner. Primer doesn’t help eye make up.

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