If I had have been born ten years later than I was, I probably would’ve been diagnosed with asperges. I obsess over things of almost any genre if it seems to benefit me for more than 10 minutes. As a result of this, I have researched a lot of subjects over the years, and here I present to you my findings. Some of these columns are based on fact (e.g. weight loss tips) and others are entirely of my opinion (e.g. reviews), but I like to think that, if you read them, the world can become a little easier for you. Just remember to apply them! 🙂

Please note that all pictures used are not taken by me, unless stated otherwise. Rights remain with the owner.

Happy blogging!

—Milly xoxox



  1. jessicaembarlow · · Reply

    I read this as, ‘ If I had have been born ten years later than I was, I have no doubt I would’ve been diagnosed with “asbestos” ‘
    I was like, I suppose it makes sense if you’re going to the trouble to research things for us, that you might have been researching something in an old building and gotten asbestos from there…?
    Now I see.

    1. Hahahaha!! You crazy cat jers.

  2. Hey, I nominated you for an award! If you don’t fancy playing along, then you’re welcome to just accept the award

    1. Awww Jers! What be this? I’m so so terrible at this, hahaha

      1. Basically, if you’ve seen the little award badges on people’s blogs, that’s what it is. You are now the recipient of 2 awards 😉 hahaha, you can click the link and check out the post to explain properly 🙂
        And don’t worry, you don’t have to answer the questions in a post unless you want to!
        They’re just a bit of fun, but it’s nice when people give you one 🙂

      2. Awwww thank you so so much!!! I’m too unco to even find the questions, haha, maybe being an intern will help me solve my large computing problems? Probably not though. Thanks so much jers xxxxx

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