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Milly’s Top 5: Grossest animal-derived ingredients

1. Guanine (pearl essence). This pretty little additive is mostly known for its usage in shampoos, shimmers, nail polishes and lipsticks. If you buy something in the cosmetics aisle that is said to make you “shine”, you may want to look out for this ingredient. Why? Because the stuff you’re about to put on your […]

Milly‚Äôs Top 5: Cheap and Unusual Beauty Tips (as published in Hotch Potch magazine)

1. Bi-carb soda. Oh, the wonders! For white teeth and fresh breath, sprinkle some on your toothbrush before or after you apply your toothpaste (many people swear by just using bi-carb, however I’ve been hesitant to try this) and brush as usual. Bi-carb polishes the teeth without harming them. Also, to help with acne and […]